Here’s the timeline which can help you manage a chaotic wedding day. Just print and add your time.

Getting Ready 

Hair and Makeup/Getting ready

Bride and bridesmaids arrive

Vendors arrive for setup

Groom and groomsmen arrive


People arrive

Ceremony begins

Ceremony concludes

Wedding party goes to take photos

Guests begin to take their seats at the reception


Guests head from Ceremony area to reception area and find their seats.

Emcee introduces bride and groom

The first dance.

Dinner buffet is ready and guests should be serving themselves food.

Out onto the dance floor.

A dance set begins with more upbeat songs to entice most guests out of their seats.

A couple of slow songs play.

Back to more upbeat songs.

The cake cutting.

Guests are asked to grab some cake.

The bouquet toss

The last dance, followed by your grand exit.

Reception concludes; guests depart; begin breakdown

Break down complete.


Happy endings!!