So You Need A Photographer…

What do you need them for? A wedding? Family Pictures? Bar Mitzvah? Pets? Engagement photos?  What you need will determine the type of photographer you want to look for.  Another consideration in finding the perfect photographer to fit your needs, is price. What is your budget?. The more budget friendly photographers might be amateurs or might not have the best equipment. Another thing to consider is that the picture quality might not be a good as a more expensive photographer.

Check out their websites. How it is laid out? What do the pictures look like? That could be a determining factor in whether you want to use them or not. Does the website have just one or two pictures or several showing all of the different options the photographer shoots? If they are a wedding photographer, do they have several different packages available? Do you have an option to have a say so in poses?

Location can also be a factor in determining which photographer to use.  Where is the photographer willing to go to shoot pictures? Does he only travel within a 5 mile radius of his home or place of business? Is he willing to drive further out, say to the countryside? Does he only have specific areas he wants to shoot in, or is he willing to come to your site to shoot pictures? This is key, because if you were engaged in a certain location, and want to recreate that moment on film, he might not want to drive 30 miles outside of his area.

Another item to consider is deposit and payments. Everything the photographer offers – including payments, should be on his or her website.  Will the photographer be flexible on deposits, are they refundable or non-refundable? Is there a payment plan?

The last thing you want to do on your big day or any time you are having pictures taken is to find out you have the wrong photographer that is a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t choose a wedding photographer for a bar mitzvah or even worse, dog pics!!

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